In Remembering Stephen Andrus

I've never met Stephen personally but knew of his work through my son Tom. In 2008, at my son's recommendation, Stephen put me on his mailing list and every few days I would receive a night time photo from somewhere in NYC. I would relive my days living in the city vicariously through Steve's pictures. His shots were always taken at night with his wanderings taking him to all the boroughs. It wasn't long before I fell in love with his work and started a collection of my own favorites which totals well over 300, only a fraction of what he sent. Included in these pages are most of those.

On January 08, 2013, I sent Steve the following e-mail:
Hi Stephen,
We all get lots of mail from the same folks. When one person stops sending, it can be a while without realizing it.
Tonight looking at a TV show I saw a mural painted on a NYC building. I immediately thought of you and realized it's been a while since I've received one of your pictures.
Hoping all is well.

The Last photo I received was, the "Four Old Chairs" December 01, 2012 then a I received notice of Steve's passing on an e-mail dated January 28 noting: "Stephen P. Andrus: Photographic Exhibition & Remembrance". The date given of his passing was only that of "early January". His facebook page implies he was 67. Not being able to attend and so moved by his work, my commemoration will be these webpages of many of my personal favorites. Descriptions given are Stephen's. Ironically Pages 7 & 8, Stephen's earlier shots, wern't added till Sept. 2014. Sadly, his titles we've lost. Be sure to click to enlarge.

Sandy Estabrook, one time NYC dweller 32 W 76. 1966 - 1973                            Stephens Facebook Page

UPDATE: Then by complete surprise, almost a decade later, on August 8th, 2021 I received the following email:

    Your name and email were among those in a file that my friend, Steve Andrus, backed up and entrusted to me along with his photos. Steve used the list to distribute a nightly photo through 2012. I'm writing to share a column about him that I recently posted on Medium.

Death of a Photographer

There's a URL at the end of the story to Steve's gallery on Flickr where he uploaded his pictures over a 5-year period. It might bring back some memories.            Regards,            Michael Antonoff

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Blue and Orange (The Skating Rink, Rockefeller Center)

MoMA Behind Bars.jpg

The Haunting of Blue (Chinatown)

Peru Ana-Ana Peru (21 st, between 9th and 10 Aves.)

The Two Mailboxes Looked On, Wanting to Dress Up and Go Out, Tonight but Knowing They Would Never Move. Happy Halloween

The Golden (Big) Apple.

Yuki (Asobi Seksu, La Rouge Poisson, January 29, 2010, 158 Bleecker St.

Lipstick and The Beard.

Atlas Shrugged

Rock Radio.

The Light Within (5th St., Williamsburg).

I Am Watching You

Miro in Green (Marc Chagall - Lincoln Center, 1 hr. ago)

She Has Seen A Thousand Springs (Cleopatra's Needle The Obelisk, Cent Pk 68' tall, 244 ton

The Ladders of Success are Sometimes (Canal St., West Side)

Puppy Eyes

The Lower West Side Wooster, near Canal.

Through the Glen (Park Av -52nd)

Sculpture Silhouette (Incomplete Open Cube, Sol LeWitt, Steel, City Hall Park)

The Big Red One (New South Ferry station)

Urban (Underneath Brooklyn Bridge)

Stone Ship Sailing on a Green Sea.

Dark, Forbidden (Bottom of Moat, Ft. Williams, Govenors Island)

Space and Time

Two White Chairs.

The Water Ball (6th ave., 54th st.)

Mrs. Spock and the Bikes (Mott & Delancy St., LES)

Empyreal Empire (ESB, Delancy, Kenmore Sts., E. Village - 2 mi. away).

Gladiators (6th st., between Aves. B and C).jpg

Rolling Thunder

The Stars Inside
Hello Kitty! (17 ft. high, Lever House, 53rd -Lex.

Abandon Platform, Steps to Nowhere (some where on the G line).

Radioactive Smile Ketih Haring (Acolyte), E. Houston-Bowery, E. Village.

Purple and Black (Tompkins Sq. Pk., E. Village)

Four Habits

and They Found the Land of Milk and Honey

Gang of Dissident Latino Playwrites (Location undisclosed)

Ariving from London (6th St., 3rd Ave., 20 Ft. x 14 Ft. detail in painting is air conditioner)

The Blended Family 2009 Ms. and Mr. Spock-Einstein with Bobby and Spot (13th St.-10th Ave. 14' x 24'

Minuteman (13th St.-10 Ave., Chelsea, painting, 7' x 16')

Dick and Jane (New Dains, will be plastered over within 24 hrs., E. Houston- Ave. A).jpg

The Midnight Sun (Rose Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park

Belevedere Castle (Central Park, NYC

The Dark Knight Watching the Swells Feed (Gotham)

Three of Them (Meat Packing District)

Panda and the Spaceman (Houston -Ave. B, painted over ad rack and black paper cutouts, 1 hr. old, will be obliterated within 24 hrs.

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